Made Up Games

Family Fortunes

by: Sarah

Players: 2+ Quizmaster required: Yes
The rules are very similar to the game Family Fortunes - get everyone to answer a set of festive questions, gather the results, create the top 5 answers for each question, and then it's head-to-head between contestants for as many rounds as you like. A quizmaster asks a question, players then need to buzz in the quickest with what they think the highest answer to that question might be. If it's the top answer, they win the round straight off the bat. If it's not the top answer but is in the top five, the opposing contestant has a chance to steal the point by going for an answer that is higher up the list. If their guess isn't even in the top 5, the opposing contestant not only gets one point immediately, but has the chance to gain a bonus point by getting an answer in the top 5.
First appeared on BBC 5 Live, episode 30