Made Up Games

Fans Also Like

by: Mike

Players: 2+ Quizmaster required: Yes
On one particular music streaming service there is a 'Fans also like' section for each act which lists 20 other related artists that listeners might also enjoy listening to. For each round there is going to be a starting artist. The contestant who is in play then needs to name a band or artist that appears within that artist's 'Fans also like' section. If correct, from there the same contestant needs to do the same with the previously guessed act. For instance, if Coldplay was the starting artist and a contestant correctly guessed Keane, they would then need to name a band or artist from Keane's 'Fans also like' section. The maximum running streak is 5. To start each round, a quizmaster gives the choice of 'home' or 'away'. If a contestant chooses 'home', they can pick their own starting artist, with one point awarded for each correct answer thereafter. If they choose away, the quizmaster randomly picks a starting artist for them, with two points up for grabs for each correct answer. There are three rounds each, you can only name an artist once in each round. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
First appeared on BBC 5 Live, episode 94