Made Up Games


by: Mike

Players: 2 Quizmaster required: Yes
A quizmaster chooses an episode of Celebrity Pointless. All episodes have a theme, so for instance the quizmaster could choose 'Eastenders'. They will then read out the first names of the 8 actors from the soap who appeared on said episode of Pointless. The aim of the game is to guess the full names of as many celebs as possible. Depending on how confident the contestants are with the collection of celebrities listed by their first names and the theme of the episode, they'll all write down how many they think they know. The contestant whose guess is highest plays the round, unless the opposing player then fancies bidding higher. The incremental bidding can continue until either contestant challenges the other to play with the number of names they think they can get. If they are successful, they win the round. If they fail to get the number of correct answers they claimed they would, the point goes to the other player without them having to lift a finger.
First appeared on BBC 5 Live, episode 95