Made Up Games

The Grape Game

by: Rosa

Players: 2 Quizmaster required: Yes
There are three rounds. Round one is called 'Taste the grapes' - each contestant is allocated a grape, green or red. Pop the grape in your mouth and guess whether you're eating a green or red grape. They get 5 points for a correct answer. Round two is called 'Feel the grapes'. Contestants are allocated a bunch of grapes. From feel alone they have to guess how many grapes are in the bunch. The further away from the actual amount, the more points they lose. Round three is 'Guess the grape'. Contestants are given a single grape. Behind their back, they need to put a grape in one of their hands and convince the other contestant which hand the grape is in. 5 points to the other contestant if they guess correctly, 5 points to the holder if they manage to deceive them.
First appeared on BBC 5 Live, episode 173