Made Up Games

Can I be Frank?

by: Olly

Players: 2+ Quizmaster required: Yes
The aim of the game is to guess the name of a famous Frank based on the things they've said. A quizmaster will read out quotes, lyrics, and lines made by famous Franks or Frankies from the world of music, sport, entertainment, fiction. Contestants simply have to identify the Frank. The quizmaster will read out three quotes from a particular Frank, with the quotes getting easier from 1 to 3. All contestants are in play and can buzz in at any time if they think they can name the Frank. To buzz in, contestants must say 'Can I be Frank?' followed by their own surname. If they get it correct after only one quote they get three points. After two they get two points and after one they get one point. If they buzz in and get it wrong they are Frozen Franked.
First appeared on BBC 5 Live, episode 174